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Tara Rafting is the ultimate adrenaline challenge, unusual adventure and unforgettable vacation for all true nature lovers! Ok, rafting is amazing, no question about it, but rafting on Tara river and its canyon is a true treat for all rafting lovers around the world. Why is that? It's simple! Tara river canyon in Montenegro is the second deepest canyon in the world, right behind America's Grand Canyon.

Rafting represents a rapid descent in special rubber boats called rafts, designed for wild waters, which can fit 8 - 10 people at the time. Rafting boats are managed by trained and IRF licensed guides - the skippers. All guides must posses the IRF (International Rafting Federation) license and must have a lot of experience. For a thrilling ride on sparkling streams you don't need nor prior experience or special physical fitness. Before every descent, participants receive all the necessary equipment and a brief theoretical training so the adventure can be complete.

Excitement, adrenaline rush, dreamy natural scenery you can admire from top of the Tara canyon, fresh mountain air - all of that and more is what you can expect from Tara river rafting adventure. Pump yourself up with good mood, invite great company and be ready to feel the excitement like never before! This is what we do best! Tarasport will be your friend on this journey, and we will make sure to create new memories, that you'll wish to remember forever! Here are a few more words about Tara river and its amazing canyon.

Activity description: 
Tara River Canyon

The mountainous region between BiH and Montenegro has created the perfect scenery for true lovers of nature and adventure tourism. Rivers of this region have formed deep canyons and wild rapids unique in the world, a real challenge for those who want to move their own limits and conquer the unconquerable. An oasis of authentic nature, drinking water, flora and fauna and landscapes like the ones from postcards will make you fall in love at first sight and want to stay there forever. And in this area flows the fastest river in Europe, 145 km long Tara river.

The Tara River Canyon (1337 m) is the second deepest canyon in the world, just behind the famous Grand Canyon in America. It is on the UNESCO list of protected areas since 1977 and is one of the world's 25 natural landmarks.

Rafting on Tara River

For years, Tara Canyon is the main meeting place for rafting and canyoning lovers from all around the world. The last part of the Tara River is the most attractive for fast steep rafting because there are more than 20 foaming rapids. Numerous mountain springs flow into the Tara river throughout its length, forming icy waterfalls of outstanding beauty, whose roar bounces off the rocky edges of the canyon. Along the course of the river Tara provides everything that every lover of wilderness could wish for: surrounded by stone and gravel terraces, wild beaches, dense pine forests and high cliffs with over 80 mysterious caves.

Tara and Piva rivers represent the largest drinking water supplies in Europe and are often called the Tears of Europe. Joining up in Šćepan polje they form another river beauty - the emerald Drina.

In 2012, Tara and rafting on the Tara river were awarded first place in the National Geographic recommendation for a tour of life. Relax and go with the flow with the wild landscapes, its unrestrained rapids and treat yourself with a refreshing escape from the reality that charges each cell.

rafting kanjon reke tare
Rafting as an extreme sport is suitable for anyone

Rafting is an extreme sport, excellent physical training, endurance test, a sure way to release stress and enjoy the surreal landscapes, bonding with family and friends, gaining unforgettable memories. And anyone who has been on a rafting tour at least once, they will tell you that it is actually much more than that: enjoying the cool water in the hot sun, laughing and screaming, jumping from the rocks, swimming under the waterfalls.

In 1960. rafting was officially recognized as a sport and then included in the Olympic sports. Since then, its popularity continues to grow, improving the equipment and the skills of skippers through continuous training and rafting schools. From an extreme sport that provides joy for the fittest and most courageous, rafting becomes safe and accessible to all groups of people, regardless of their age. Depending on the time of the year (rafting season) and the speed of the river, rafting can be a fast rollercoaster ride or a slow river ride on clear water.

Rafting ekstremni sport