Useful tricks for camping in nature that'll save your day

Tricks for camping - camping hacks for camping in nature

Useful tricks for camping in nature that'll save your day

Ok, you're in the woods. Going camping with your buddies or family. Suddenly it starts to rain. You slip on the wet ground, mud's all over you and that's not even the worst part. Your toilet paper slips from your hand and gets all wet! Guess what? We can help you prevent these situations with useful tricks for camping. These camping hacks will save your space packing, keep your TP dry and make your match burn for at least 5 minutes before going out. All the things you might need if you choose to go hiking and trekking for a few days in Montenegro with us.

Tricks for camping - camping hacks for camping in nature

Check out some useful tricks that'll make your camping trip easier. Enjoy!

#1 Make your match last much longer

Ok, maybe not your match per se, but long life fire starter (5 minutes at least) might be very useful once you find yourself in a position where you need all the help you can get to start the camping fire. This might come useful if you're learning how to build a camping fire.

All you need is some vaseline, aluminum foil and piece of cotton. This is a camping hack you'll need to prepare before your camping expedition in nature.

Here's how it's done: Chop off a little piece of cotton and make a cotton ball out of it; dip the cotton ball into a vazeline; put it in the piece of aluminum foil and make the square shape with it. From the middle of the square foil (where you flop it) pull out a little piece of cotton, swirl it and light a fire. Voila!

P.S. you can use cotton pads dipped in wax too. It's your choice.

#2 Bottle of snow will warm you up

The only thing you need to do is melt down some snow in the winter, pour it into the bottle, or more of them, and while they're warm put them around you in your sleeping bag. That'll keep you warm at night if there's no better half to do it.

Also, experienced hikers say that this water is good for making a quick coffee in the morning. Think about it, it's still warm!

#3 Toilet paper can

It might sound silly, but it's really useful when it comes to wet weather. Just like we described in the beginning, these situations can and almost always happen when you're least ready for them. So, this time think in advance and make this easy toilet paper container. How does this work? Easy!

If you like instant coffee, let's say Nescafe or some other brand (it doesn't really matter), drink your coffee up, 'cause you'll need its empty can. Put the toilet paper in, pierce a narrow and long hole on the side of the can and pull out just a little piece of toilet paper. Voila once again!

Of course, you can always use containers of a different material as long as they're waterproof.

Toilet paper camping can - how to keep toilet paper dry in woods

#4 Slice that soap and save it!

When it comes to long-lasting hiking trip, and you're planning to camp at least 2 or 3 nights you'll need a bar of soap for sure. Heck, you'll need it every day. So, what is the worst thing that can happen to you? Yeah, that's right. Losing the soap or soap melting completely might be a horror. So, prevent it by slicing a hard soap into tiny layers with your kitchen peeler. Put it in the aluminum foil or some other piece of material that won't harm the soap, and place it around your bag.

Therefore, you'll always have at least one slice of soap that's enough for one use. if you manage to lose it anyway then you're a real piece of work.

#5 Bring silicone cups

Not just that you'll keep the environment safe, unlike with plastic cups, but you'll be able to pack a silicone cap wherever you want and they won't break. Squeeze it, chop it or whatever you want they'll be unbreakable.

#6 Water balloon lantern

Isn't this the easiest way to make a lamp in the woods. If there's one thing that you won't need more with Tarasport during any kind of hiking or outdoor adventure, it is the headlights.

Be smart and use headlamps to make "a real lantern for your tent". Use old plastic water or soda balloon (gallon), tie your headlight around the bottle and fill it with water. This will reflect enough light to "naturally" light up the whole tent or even more space.

#7 Floating key pendant

If you, for any reason really need to bring some keys with you on a nature expedition, you can save them "from drowning". It's easy at it seems. Just pierce the hole in the wine cork with a piece of elastic metal wire and tie your keys on it. If you accidentally fall into the water, there's no chance you'll lose your key.

#8 Bring all the gadgets you can pack

This isn't so clever advice like the other ones, but believe us. Once you pack everything useful, you won't even need this useful tricks and camping hacks. Yeah we know it's 2016 but still, don't be shy, bring that compass with you! Headlights, extra batteries, mobile phone extern battery (couple of them) and so on.

#9 Zipping your pants easily

When it's cold and you're wearing multiple layers of clothes, gloves and other warmers, unzipping and zipping your pants or jacket might come as a problem. So, use a metal piece of your key pendant and attach it to pulling metal part of the zipper. It's easier isn't it?

#10 Various mosquito repellents

Those nasty suckers! There are some days that you regret you went for a hike and on a camping trip when you just can't get rid of mosquitoes. Besides bringing mosquito sprays or creams, here are some natural mosquito repellents that you can probably find in the forest or at least to remember to bring them with you.

Drop these herbs into the fire and mosquitoes are gone: sage, lavender, basil, peppermint, garlic and more...

For the end, we just wish that you check out all the useful tips for hiking during winter. Some of these tips we told you already, but just make sure you read it thoroughly so that there are no surprises. We hope you liked our list! Think smart and enjoy your hiking & camping getaway.