Is rafting with children safe and what is age limit?

Rafting with children safety, is it ok?

Is rafting with children safe and what is age limit?

Many have been wondering is it safe to bring your children to rafting. As a team of professionals, we’re able to give you answer on this question. And for starters, we’d like to point out the fact that rules about kids on rafting vary from club to club and more importantly from river to river. But we’ll get there.

Here are the things you should know about rafting with children.

Is rafting with children safe?

Rafting can be safe for children too

Yes, rafting is safe for children too, but there are some exceptions of course. There are many factors that can decide if it would be safe to go rafting with children, or not, just like when it comes to rafting safety in general. We will mention some of those below, but the main thing is that different clubs have different policies about children in rafts.

General rule is that people shouldn’t bring babies on rafting tours, because even if it’s the calmest river ever, babies are just too little to help themselves in any possible way. Common practice is that rafting clubs value all factors that can determine how safe rafting would be in general, and decide what is appropriate children’s age for rafting adventures.

Some clubs say that age limit for children to go rafting is at least: 3, 5, 7 or 10 years old. Of course, those numbers can vary from season to season, from weather conditions and general river characteristics.

Bring your children only with prior consultation

Prior consultation with rafting professionals is very important. Even though we, here at Tarasport, very deeply care about everything that can be found on our website, when it comes to rafting information and other important stuff, we advise you to always make sure that everything is like it says on rafting clubs websites.

Human error is possible, so always make sure to call your rafting club before you start your trip, and ask again about rafting policies and rules you read on their (or our) website. Something may change during rafting season or some fresh information about rafting conditions may occur, and there wasn’t enough time to change it publically, so a simple call could decide for you if it’s safe to bring children along or to tuck them in the beds and experience rafting by yourself.

Different river, different rules

The main reason why there’s no unique standardization when it comes to children rafting is unpredictable and unique nature. Every part of the world has its own weather conditions, and not to mention river characteristics. Even though we can categorize rivers buy their water volume, geographical location, and speed, every river has its own characteristics that can’t be copied. That’s why professional rafting clubs decide whether it’s safe to go rafting with children somewhere or not.

Mountain rivers are almost always fast but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re too difficult for kids with the supervision of adults and rafting professionals.

rafting children age limit

It all comes down to water level and seasons

Throughout the rafting season, rivers can change their water volume to a certain degree. Some change it more than the others, but the water level is changing everywhere, varying from 1st until 6th level. Some rivers have water volume levels always between 4th and 5th level, like Tara river has, while others can encounter bigger variations.

Right after the cold winters when mountain snow starts to melt, during Spring months, river usually exceeds its highest peak of the season, when rafting is most extreme, dangerous and when already cool rapids become even cooler and rougher. That is the period of year when professionals like to raft, and those who like adrenaline rush. Those months are definitely not safe for children when it comes to mountain river white water rafting.

Summer is usually “reserved” for smaller water levels when rivers cool off a bit, and when beginners will feel safe, so that’s the time of year when bigger children can come too, but only with prior consultation with the exact rafting club, you’re coming too. Nothing we say can be taken for sure, since like we said, nature is unpredictable.

Late Summer and Autumn months are perfect for all kinds of rafters! Fall rafting is suitable for whole families and even rafting with a child. Those are the months you should be considering if you’re thinking about rafting with children.

That is our advice for you, and we’re happy to hear from you if you’re up for some unforgettable family rafting fun on Tara and Drina rivers, during late summer and fall.

Rafting with kids is ok, only with top-notch safety equipment

Just like you’re receiving a proper life jacket, helmet, neoprene suits and shoes, your kid should get one too. Make sure to ask if your rafting club has all the necessary rafting equipment suitable for children. Also, make sure to ask all about rafting tour, and things that may occur, such as behavior during rapids crossings and such, while you have children by your side.

We hope that all of these advice helped you to decide whether you’re going on a rafting adventure with your kids, or alone this time. One’s for sure, we invite you all, just choose your season and feel the rush!