The most exciting white water rafting rivers in Europe

The most exciting rafting rivers in Europe

The most exciting white water rafting rivers in Europe

What are the most exciting white water rafting rivers in Europe? We’ll tell ya. Why? Because we know it and we like to share! Tara Sport rafting club is coming from Europe, and more precisely, from mountainous Balkans where many wild rivers are born. One of them is probably the most amazing rafting river in Europe. We’ll get to that, but even though we love this river with a lot of jealousy, we like to share it with everyone else, just like we said before. This is why Tara river is considered one of the best rafting rivers in Europe, and even more.

Since our passion is rafting, and we like to explore, here are the most exciting rafting rivers in Europe. Two of them are from our Montenegro and Bosnia, but you’ll have the chance to see and decide whether it is for you or not.

Tara river (Montenegro)

Rafting Tara River the most exciting rafting rivers in Europe

Ok, we talked about Tara river more than anything else in our blog, but it is only natural since Tara is so essential for our rafting club. It is even part of our brand name! Anyway, Tara river is simply amazing. Its curves, its rapids, its sound, speed and strength. Everything about Tara river is simply calling you to come to Montenegro and experience the best rafting adventure of your life!

Don’t be mislead and think that we’re exaggerating anything because it’s our river, it really is like that. Tara river carved its path through the famous Tara River canyon (it is the biggest canyon in Europe), and put itself as the main rafting attraction of Europe. Tara River is over 100 km long, narrow and fast, this is what makes her IV-V degree river rapids so fun for rafting during spring and early summer months.

Noce river (Italy)

Noce River Rafting in Italy

Noce River is among most popular rafting rivers in Europe. It is located in Italy and more precisely in the Valley of the Sun. Some may say that it fits or doesn’t fit in this competition, but it is without any doubt the best rafting destination in Italy. What makes it fun for rafting is its class IV-V rapids. The only thing that can make you question what destination you should choose is environment. Not every river have astonishing background like Tara river canyon have.

Corhu River (Turkey)

Corhu River rafting in Turkey Europe

Ok, many of these rivers are exciting, but few of them are extreme. That is the only correct description of Corhu river in Turkey. This is the place where people with a lot rafting experience come to have fun. Still, many say that Corhu river’s V degree rapids can be way to tricky for professionals too.

Anyway, alongside Tara river, this is probably the most visited rafting river in Europe. Also, it is questionable if some people would say this river is part of Europe, but still it kind of is. Let’s go on.

Rhein River (Switzerland)

Rafting on River Rhein in Switzerland

Rhein river in Switzerland flows right through famous gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland. There’s no doubt that this kind of scenery would be a true jem for your eye, while you try to conquer all of those III and IV class rapids that characterize the Rhein river in Switzerland.

This river is mostly visited by tourists in central Europe, and those who wish to explore mountainous regions of Switzerland, just like many travelers want to explore various mountains of Montenegro and Durmitor National Park among them.

Dobra River (Croatia)

Dobra river Rafting in Croatia

Dobra river is without a doubt an interesting place to try whitewater rafting in Europe. Unlike other rivers mentioned here, it’s pretty much a new place for rafting, and it is the closest one to Montenegro and our precious Tara river. Actually it sometimes happens that guests who went to one of these two locations, went along and visited another place at the same time.

What’s interesting about Dobra river in Croatia, is that it is a dam controlled river, and it can be difficult in some places down the stream, where IV and V level rapids occur.

Drina river and some thaughts

We can only hope that this list helped you to narrow your choices a little bit, since you really need advice to choose among this beautiful European rivers. We have to tell you that coming to TaraSport rafting club and enjoying rapids of Tara river, in the depths of the 2nd deepest canyon in the world, really have it’s perks. Besides all of these benefits, there’s an opportunity to mix things a little bit and discover a long history, heritage and cultural characteristics of our region, while you can go on a various range of outdoor activities. Just what you needed! And for last but not least, you’ll have the chance to experience rafting on Drina river as well. See you soon!