Legendary off-road vehicles for Jeep Safari tours

Legendary off road vehicles for Jeep safari

Legendary off-road vehicles for Jeep Safari tours

From the very beginnings of famous safari tours in Africa, we’ve grew accustomed to the fact that there are probably going to be some good off-road vehicles, which can overcome any obstacle. That’s very much the truth and necessity when you go off road to explore nature in a very different environment than you’re used too. Of course you can walk a little bit, but to really get to those untouched parts of savannas, or in our case, vast forgotten mountain fields, you’re going to need a ride! Unless you want to go on a camping & hiking trip.

Legendary off-road vehicles SUV for Jeep Safari tours

Therefore, here are the best off-road vehicles that you can drive on a Jeep Safari adventure. Of course, we’ll exclude those newer, pricy models that are just simply too expensive for any kind of outdoor activities and are often used as a symbol of wealth in crowded cities. Some of these vehicles are proud piece of our TaraSport driving park, which we use to transfer our rafts and make sure that our visitors get the ultimate Jeep Safari experience in Montenegro.

Grab your seat because these are the classics - legendary off-road vehicles or SUV cars if you like it that way!

#1 One and only - Land Rover Defender

Off-road Land Rover Defender in Nature Jeep Safari

Which ever vehicle you choose, there’s no question about it that Land Rover Defender is an iconic drive! Jaguar’s Land Rover Defender is one of the SUV cars from the list with the longest producing history. This Car was produced for over 68 years, when the last model was finished in 2016. Land Rover Defender is a beloved part of our drive park at TaraSport rafting club.

Every new model, heavily relied on the prototype with some technology improvements, a little bit bumpier, bigger looks, but it was all the same classic Defender! There’s something about it, that even most expensive modern SUV vehicles can’t overcome. It’s the off-road spirit of the car! Long history and everything that makes im a “true” Defender. Some automobile companies even tried to rip off its famous design, features and name, but it all fall through.

#2 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser legendary SUV vehicle

The one that can overcome any obstacle! That sounds just about right. When this vehicle first came up in 1974. it was the ultimate SUV car. Why was this SUV car so cool? Because it was smaller, compact and powerful. Many say that later versions, with a “small” modification of Chevrolet engine were even better. Efficient at least! But this car had a tiny flaw. It’s tiny space and only three doors which are not very popular today, since on a Jeep Safari you’re usually planning to go with a larger group of friends. At least 5 people at once.

Anyway, if you don’t like this classic version of Toyota’s Land Cruiser, there are just a ton of newer Toyota Land Cruiser options like Toyota Land Cruiser 100, which are larger, more impressive but yet more expensive too!

#3 Land Rover Discovery II

Land Rover Discovery II on the field (nature)

If you ever looked at those iconic Animal planet or Discovery TV shows about animals and wild nature, you haven seen the Land Rover Discovery for sure! This SUV vehicle is as true off-road vehicle jem. Probably one of the most popular cars in SUV history.

You can hardly imagine this car without a film crew in the back, waiting for a lion to comes by. Due to it’s high windshield and window glass it has a great visibility, while it’s compact 4x4 drivetrain makes it perfect for off-road driving. Besides Africa, it was popular in the mountainous regions where hikers go to explore. We drove one of these too!

#4 Mercedes Benz G500

Mercedes Benz G wagon g500 off road

Mercedes Benz G-Wagen series is actually a car made for Mercedes Benz by different company. Not many people now this information. It is a standard, and one of the most recognizable Mercedes Benz cars and an SUV car in the whole industry. Many different tour organizations, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers used it as a part of their Jeep Safari “fleet”.

The G-Class Mercedes Benz was one of the models with the longest history, if you know that it was produces nearly for 40 years. Even though it was a long time since the last model, it’s interesting to say that the end of 2016 brought up some spy pictures which gives as a glance on a brand new G-Wagon model being produced by Mercedes Benz. Those whom loved it before, even though many of them remember it only as kids, are gonna love it again for sure!

#5 Jeep XJ ‘02

Jeep XJ 2001. Cherokee off-rad SUV vehicle

It’s almost impossible to choose only one of those famous Jeeps that almost named the whole type of SUV cars around the World. People from Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia still use the word “Jeep” to describe big off-road vehicles. That says something, doesn’t it?

Jeep XJ much like Land Rover Discovery is one of those legendary off-road SUV vehicles that were dominantly used in the modern ERA of nature exploring, that these became accustomed part of many outdoor adventure clubs. We had to put it in here.

If you’re up for the ride of your life, to the wild nature, join us on our Jeep Safari expeditions, but first, check out the reasons why you should try Jeep Safari, and what are the things you should bring on a trip.