5 things you should pack for a Jeep Safari adventure

What to pack for Jeep Safari adventure

5 things you should pack for a Jeep Safari adventure

Hey there, we should warn you at the beginning that we’re not talking about extreme African jeep safari tours which include several day tours, camping in the extreme conditions and dangerous walk among wild savanna animals. No, we’re talking about fun but still exciting jeep safari tours through the most beautiful parts of Montenegro and Bosnia nature.

So if you’re wondering what to pack for a jeep safari trip, nature exploring and simply spending a day or two in mountainous nature, here are the answers. These are the things you should pack for a Jeep Safari adventure.

What to pack for Jeep Safari advventure an wear

#1 Water and something to eat

If you decide to go on a Jeep Safari adventure at Tarasport adventure club, you’ll be able to explore nature like you never did before. It’s kind of a perfect amount of effort and enjoyment at the same time. You’ll get where you’re headed with our professional SUV vehicles and then our guides will show you amazing wonders of nature in the Balkans.

Even though it is perfectly safe, and our club can offer you lunch to go and a refreshing beverage, you should always consider bringing a bottle of water or a quick snack with you on a jeep safari tour. We’ll go with our Jeeps as far as we can, but you should always consider the weather factor in your planning equation. Temperatures could be very high, and weather can be unpredictable in our beautiful mountains. Water can be helpful for so many reasons that we don’t feel it’s necessary explaining. It could lift you right up after a demanding walk uphill or give you necessary refreshment for all the sweat that beautiful, but demanding hill took from you.

#2 Prescription meds and personal stuff

Medication isn’t something that your Jeep Safari club can now. It’s very important that you let your instructors and guides know about any health conditions or problem’s you maybe have. False presentation of your health doesn’t affect only you. It affects the whole group. So besides informing your adventure club and instructors about it, make sure to remember to bring all the necessary meds you need for everyday activities and health regulation.

Of course, there will be a first aid kit and basic meds that could suit everybody on your safari trip, but your own medical needs should be provided by yourself, or with prior consultation with your adventure club.

We can advise everyone who has different types of allergies, when it comes to some plants or insect bites, to at least bring their allergy medicine with them. It can be essential because speed of reaction is crucial for aggressive allergies.

#3 Camera and smartphone (or maybe not)

It’s not about the photograph as it is about remembering the moment you photographed. Many said that to us. Yet, our mission is to make the moments worth photographing available for you! Therefore, leave the worry about the whole Jeep Safari trip to us, and remember to bring your camera with you. Of course, you can always make good pictures with your smartphone, since their camera quality became more important than the phone itself.

what should I bring to jeep safari

Even though smartphone can be very useful when you go to nature, its low battery life will be your biggest enemy. So, if you’re carrying your phone with you, make sure that you bring en external battery also. That’s the moment when we come to a “breaking” point. Do you really need a smartphone with you on a jeep safari trip that’s all about finding your roots, exploring nature and going for an unforgettable adventure? We believe not, but of course, you can always use it as a GPS navigation device, source of information and all that other useful stuff.

#4 Proper clothes

Even though it’s middle of summer and you think you won’t need any other part of clothing except your shorts and t-shirt, don’t be lazy. Take a hood jacket with you, and at least leave it in a trunk of our SUV. Tarasport Jeep Safari Trips are always fun and suitable for everyone, but we pay attention to every visitors need, weather can be unpredictable especially during fall and spring when the most of our jeep safari tours take place.

Make sure you have proper clothes with you like sweatpants, t-shirts, and other multiple layer clothes, like you’re preparing for a demanding hike.

#5 Proper footwear

Even though you’re not going on our famous demanding hiking and trekking tours, proper shoes are necessary. Quality sneakers and outdoor shoes are optional and advised. We don’t recommend you to go on a jeep safari tour wearing sandals, open shoes or “God forbid” high heels.

Once you’re out of the vehicle, you’ll be walking around green mountain hills, exploring the river bank and beautiful mountain river canyons. We’re assuming that you’re getting the idea why sneakers and outdoor hiking shoes are better than other types of footwear.

Yeah, that would be all of the necessary things you should pack or wear if you’re going on an Tarasport Jeep Safari tour. See you there!