Amazing natural wonders of Europe you must see

Natural wonders of Europe - nature attractions you must see in Europe

Amazing natural wonders of Europe you must see

It would be unfair to say that only Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina have unrealistic natural beauties. We appreciate nature wherever it is, and this is why we present to you the most iconic natural wonders of Europe you need to see at least once.

No wonder these are the most photographed natural landscapes across the Europe. Enjoy our gallery.

#1 Tara River Canyon (Montenegro)

Tara river Canyon Montenegro - natural wonders of Europe

Our beautiful Tara river in Montenegro, formed its canyon a long, long time ago. Today, it is the second deepest canyon in the world, just after the famous Grand Canyon in USA. Do you need more reason to visit it? Oh, even if you don’t, we’ll give you a couple of more. Tara river that flows through this magnificent canyon is so clean that you can drink the water directly from the stream, while thick green forests make this astonishing scenery even more impressive. Slopes of Durmitor mountain are there to ensure you never forget how big and beautiful are mountains in the Balkans.

#2 Skaftafell National Park (Iceland)

Skaftafel National Park in Iceland and waterfall

Once again, we’re coming back to the lands of ancient Vikings. Ok, they weren’t living ther for the most of the time, but Iceland is their discovery. This is a true natural beauty, Svartifoss waterfall in the Skaftafell National park of Iceland. How beautiful are these black geometrical rocks?

#3 Dripstone Cave - Unicorn cave (Austria)

Dripston Cave - Unicorn Cave Austria

This is the cave you’ll need to visit one day. Even though the Balkans are filled with beautiful caves, there are some nice ones all over the Europe. Dripstone Cave, also known as the Unicorn Cave is located in the Lower Austria in the Hohe Wand Nature park and it is worth a visit.

#4 Uvac River Meanders (Serbia)

Uvac River Meanders - natural beauties of Europe

Uvac river is located in the south west of Serbia and it makes incredible curves, which are so curved that some of them make a turn of 270 degrees! This is the natural habitat of white eagles, so it’s a true gem for anyone who decide to go cruising here.

#5 Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord fjords (Norway)

Naeroyfjord Norway nature beauties of Europe

Fjords are symbol for every Scandinavian country, especially Norway. Fjords were the place where Vikings lived and once upon a time started their spring expeditions. Even without any significant history Norwegian fjords are so beautiful that your mind will blow up. Calm waters, mountain riffs covered with green fields and chilly weather. Just beautiful.

#6 The Matterhorn (Italy)

The Matterhorn Mountain Italy and Swiss border natural wonder

Have you ever heard of the mountain Matterhorn? It is also known as the mountain of mountains, located right on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It is famous for its unusual peak, which is very dangerous to climb. Actually, when it was conquered for the first time, 500 people died trying from 1865. Be careful!

#7 Plitvice Lake (Croatia)

Plitvice lake in Croatia

Now, we’re traveling back to our favorite Balkan and it’s natural wonders. Here are beautiful lakes of Plitvice in our neighbour country, Croatia. If you wish to explore it, keep in mind that there are wooden walkways which are super easy for everyone to use. Simple, refreshing and inspirational just like our beautiful Piva lake, where you can go on a relaxing cruising tour!

#8 Meteora (Greece)

Meteora Greece nature and religion

Have you ever heard of Greek sacred rocks? Yep, this is Meteora, the second biggest orthodox sanctuary in Greece, right after Athos peninsula in Halkidiki. This is the place where astonishing power of nature mix its path with history and religion.

#9 Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)

National Park Durmitor mountain hiking

Once we said Tara river and its canyon, we also mentioned mountain Durmitor. It is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Montenegro with rare animals and vegetal species. It is a unique place to go hiking, hunting or maybe even on a Jeep safari tour. If you’re up for something like that, you’re lucky because we organize amazing outdoor adventures right here. Join us.

#10 Northern Lights (Northern Europe)

Northern light aurora Borealis

Even though it’s not exclusively linked to Europe, this natural wonder, or better said phenomenon is commonly seen in the northern Europe (Scandinavian countries and Iceland). Northern lights or also known as Aurora Borealis are the reason we love nature! Just imagine to go hiking, or camping and to be able to see the dance of lights in the northern sky! Amazing.

#11 Cascate del Mulino (Tuscany, Italy)

Castato del Mulino Tuscany Italy nature

Have you ever heard of Turkish Pamukkale? Some would say that Cascate del Mulino are Italian version of it. Since that part of Turkey isn’t part of Europe, we just need to mention Cascate del Mulino hot springs in Italian province of Tuscany. Water is 37.5 C hot and it is a big summertime natural attraction.

#12 Devil’s Town (Serbia)

Devil's Town Serbia

Djavolja Varoš is another european natural wonder located in Serbia. It is Serbian nature monument. It might give you a resemblance of thermite towers, but it’s not the case. It’s name might sound strange, but what’s even more interesting is that it is located in the village Djake, which derives from turkish word gjak - meaning blood.

#13 Lauterbrunnen Valley (Switzerland)

Lauterbrunnen valley Switzerland Alps

We love our National park Durmitor in Montenegro, and wish for it to become even more famous than it already is, but unfortunately most of the people only heard of Alps, when it comes to mountains in Europe. Don’t get us wrong, Alps are beautiful, and this is why we need to mention astonishing natural wonder of Switzerland. This is Lauterbrunnen Valley is hidden in the Swiss Alps. Beautiful isn’t it?

#14 The Verdon Gorge (France)

Verdon Gorge France looks like Tara river

A true gem of Provence region in southern France. The Verdon Gorge is among the most popular destinations for hiking in Europe.

We hope you liked our list, since these are really true nature wonders, that many wonderers seek to explore at least once in their lifetime. Knowing this, we really do feel lucky enough to be able to see such a beautiful places each day. Come and explore Tara River Canyon, Durmitor Mountain, Sutjeska NP and many other nature scenery that you’ll wish to photograph! See ya!