Paragliding safety - Is paragliding really safe

da li je paraglajding bezbedan

Paragliding safety - Is paragliding really safe

Is paraglading safe? This question is very often directed to our instructors, and the best short answer is: paragliding is safe with us. But let us delve deeper in this subject and give you a better insight in the safety of paraglading.

Safety in extreme sports

Paragliding is a one of the extreme sports, and like all extreme sports, safety is of a big importance. Extreme sports attract adventurists, people seeking thrills and who are always looking for ways to test their limits.

Although testing your limits makes you stronger, we have to remember why do limits exist in the first place and use our common sense. Just as you would not sit in a car for the first time and immediately go for the fastest quarter time, you would not rush things while doing extreme activities.

Basically, paragliding is safe as long as you make it safe. An experienced instructor will tell you that the most important thing to keep in mind when paragliding is not wind speed, air pressure, nor if there is visibility or not. In fact, not an external factor, but the attitude of a man and his preparedness.

Let us again make a parallel with learning to drive. Someone who has never sat behind the wheel, while having a good instructor who will train him to drive as safe as possible will drive with a lot more caution than someone who went through the entire training process with a very casual attitude.

If you've never practiced paragliding, there is always the option to fly in tandem with an experienced instructor. This is actually the safest solution, and our instructors take all measures to ensure your experience is nothing but remarkably and with maximum safety.

Advancement in paragliding equipment

The equipment now used for paragliding is much safer compared to the previous period. It is designed to allow easy adjustments on the fly in case of any discomfort. Regular checks of the equipment are also necessary. Most mistakes happen because of negligence, whether pilots do not check the equipment or badly asses weather conditions prior to flight.

da li je paraglajding bezbedan

Paragliding statistics

Let's have fun with the numbers, if you're the type of person who prefers to quantify the risks undertaken. In countries where these statistics exist, they say that for every 11,000 pilots annually one person has an accident. When compared with regular car driving, where for every 10,000 drivers annually, one person has an accident. We can see that paragliding is safe as much as driving a car. Even when we compare with other ‘’extreme’’ activities data shows that horse riding is more dangerous than paragliding.

Adrenaline rush without danger

In paragliding speed is not what brings the excitement. For people who are addicted to speed, there are other types of extreme aero sports (gliding, speed flying). Imagine paragliding as a relaxing sail in the breeze while enjoying the view.

However, if you want a little more adrenaline, it is possible to perform stunts in the air that will definitely speed up the heart rate and provide enough adrenaline for an experience that you will long remember.

Fear is a good thing

Generally speaking, we say that paragliding with us is safe, ie. as long as you learn from or you're with a good instructor. However, it happens that beginners become too relaxed and stop paying attention. So, if you want to have fun in the air, do not drop your guard just because everything is going smoothly. Keep a positive dose of fear that will keep you on your toes.

da li je paraglajding bezbedan

It is all up to the person

As we have already said, paragliding is safe until you are making it safe. People like to do irresponsible things. How many times have you seen those reckless drivers running the streets, this type of behavior is what leads to accidents. Reckless testing of your limits is not a challenge, but a threat. Before every flight be sure to check your equipment and assess weather conditions. Every action you undertake carries some risk, however it is up to you to assess the situation and to act in accordance with it.


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