Coronavirus - The Latest Update - Montenegro and Bosnia (All Activities Are ON!)

Coronavirus - The Latest Update - Montenegro and Bosnia (All Activities Are ON!)

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 in BiH and Montenegro

Outdoor resort TaraSport values the safety of our adventurers and wants to provide you with the best information. Here you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

Tara river is the natural border between Montenegro and BiH, which is why we must respect the guidelines of both countries.


Is it safe to travel to Montenegro and BiH now?

Yes! Montenegro became the second country in Europe to officially report they are free of active COVID-19 cases. BiH and Montenegro opened their borders to all travelers from June, 1st 2020.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling after June 1st:

  • all you need to enter the country is a valid ID
  • no negative test for Covid -19 is required
  • after entering the country there is no quarantine
  • only a valid ID is required to leave the country


Healthcare, Hospitals & Insurance: What to do if you get sick?

If you think you have been infected with the coronavirus, health officials recommend you self-quarantine and call 0800 50 555.
For insured travelers in-patient hospitalization is free, and for as long as necessary. Keep in mind that ambulance services cost a fee.

University hospital Foca is 23 km away from our resort.

Main Hospital – University hospital Foca
Studentska 5, 73300 Foca
Capacity: 250 beds
Phone Number: +387 58 222 500

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Outdoor Resort TarSport has put into place various safety measures to protect our adventurers. All safety procedures are based on the guidelines provided by the Directorate of Health. Our tour guides and staff have been prepared according to these standards. If there is a high chance of infection, health officials will be contacted and the appropriate measures taken by guides and staff.

We want our clients to know their safety and welfare is always our top concern, whether you’re having a rafting tour or avoiding infection. The best way to protect yourself from getting sick is through good hygiene, so every vehicle has been equipped with hand sanitizer. Additionally, operational bases have printed out instructions on how to avoid infection.

We look forward to seeing you in Outdoor resort TaraSport! We’ll be here, ready to go after new adventures together.