Best time to visit Montenegro in 2018 and what to do

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Best time to visit Montenegro in 2018 and what to do

The wild beauty, a perfect mosaic of contrasts that only nature can bounce into a unique breathless tapestry, proud beaches and the warm hearts of the seamen – that is a summary of the impression most of the people have when they visit this rather fairytale-like country.

No matter how many times you visit Montenegro, there will always be more natural pearls left to discover. Proud mountain peaks wrapped in green veils of national parks are reflecting in the blue surface of the Adriatic. There are probably just a few destinations in the world where in one day you can be lying on a sandy beach, and in a few hours afterwards wander through the canyon of a mountain river or take walk along a hidden mountain lake.

This is an ideal country for you to have an unforgettable vacation.

Relaxed marine ambiance as well as adrenaline adventure in the pristine wilderness – whatever be your idea of an ideal holiday, Montenegro will provide you with more.

Whether your plans for a vacation in 2018 be - a short escape from everyday obligations with family or company, or a team building that will bring fresh ideas into your business, you no longer have to wait for the summer. Here are the best periods for a visit to Montenegro and the things you can do in this mysterious Balkan beauty.

Which periods of the year 2018 are the best to come to Montenegro?

If you ask the admirers of the beauty of Montenegro, they will tell you that it's always a good time to explore and enjoy the gorgeous nature pearls you can find here.

Nevertheless, the period of early spring, summer, until late autumn, is ideal for you to experience everything that Montenegro offers in its best.

In the spring, while the snow is still covering the highest peaks, rafting downhill on the wild rivers would be a real treat for all the brave and experienced rafters who strive for a stronger adrenaline injection. For the others, who want to enjoy a more peaceful rafting experience, it would be better to leave the Tara canyon rafting for May or for the summer time.

For the lovers of the sea, sun and fun on the beach, the warmest months of the year - June, July and August are just perfect. And if you wish to spicy up the sea atmosphere with some greenery and extra excitement, there are numerous mountain adventures waiting for you. Mountains of Montenegro hide deep canyons, caves, fast and clear rivers, ice lakes and dense forests.

Hiking, reaching the highest peaks, cycling, canyoning, zip line, jeep safari, exploring caves, paragliding, enjoying untouched nature and healthy home-made food – all this things will eliminate the monotony and will provide your vacation with just what it was always missing.

Between the mountains and the sea

Montenegro is an ideal destination for family adventure and for getting to know the pristine natural beauties. If you want to avoid the crowds, April, May and September are the best periods to discover the beaches, the most beautiful parts of national parks, the pitiful plateau and the steep slopes in a pleasant atmosphere. A family rafting experience will give you the opportunity to get to know nature more profoundly and get to know it using all your senses. This is an experience that cannot be compared to almost anything else.
The Durmitor National Park, made of glacier and covered with underground streams and rivers and covered by 39,000 ha of forest, is a place of extraordinary beauty, perfect for hiking and for mountain biking.

For students and for lower-budget travelers, Montenegro is a dream country. You can find a very cheap and good quality accommodation here, especially during the off season and in not so well-known tourist destinations. Evening fun in mountain bungalows and
all-day enjoyment of untouched natural marvels will turn out to be a synonym for adventure tourism to you.


How to get to Montenegro

If you wish to come to Montenegro by an airplane, you should know that low cost flights from many European cities are avalible throughout the year. You can choose an airport in Tivat, Podgorica or in Dubrovnik (Croatia). From most of the European metropolises, flights to Montenegro take about two hours. You can reach Montenegro by bus, car, passenger boat or train. The roads are solid, and the areas you pass through are rustic and full of amazing natural images.