7 reasons to go hiking this weekend

Reasons to go hiking in nature

7 reasons to go hiking this weekend

Hiking is one of the oldest and yet so refreshingly new sport activities that became widely popular since the turn of the century. There are many reasons why that actually happened. One of them is purely logical and expected – it’s a simple concept and almost anyone can do it, while the others point out the fact that we became too lazy as a race, just sitting around watching TV or typing on our computers.

That was the moment when many people decided that it was time to slowly get back to the roots and explore nature once again, that same nature which was our home for thousands of years. Fortunately there are people and adventure clubs like us, who have a lot of experience in hiking tour organization and who are aware of the risks and demands of hiking tours so that anyone can experience them. Exciting hiking tours are perfectly safe and fun with us, but that’s not the point right now.

why to go hiking and how demanding is it?

Ok, sounds like we already told you a few reasons why hiking is popular and interesting, but here are some reasons to go hiking right away, or at least the following weekend. We promise, they’re true and you’ll understand them once you go hiking and explore nature for a little while.

#1 Breathtaking views of hiking trails

Is there any better reason to go hiking than to switch your surroundings for a little bit. Not just that you won’t spend the same day like you did yesterday in overcrowded city, but you’ll have the chance to see some of the most beautiful parts of our planet. Earth is beautiful. And it’s time for everyone to understand that! Here at Tarasport, on the border of Montenegro and Bosnia, we have some of the most outstanding mountains like Maglić and Zelengora with cheerful green meadows and forests. You could experience all of that scenery too, and not just our breathtaking views of nature, but anywhere else around the world.

#2 Physical exercise and general wellbeing that hiking provides

As we already said and you probably know, hiking is an outdoor activity which includes long walks called hikes, climbing or even canyoning sometimes. Many people are using trekking as another term for hiking, but it’s not the same thing. Of course mainly it’s more or less demanding walk through nature, creating new or following existing nature routes and paths. Therefore hiking is a great physical exercise and activity that allows you to develop your general wellbeing. Especially if you are an everyday hiking enthusiast.

You don’t even need to go that far, you could go hiking on the nearby hill and forests around your city, but still if you’re counting to try hiking for the first time you should know that you can easily get hooked. We guarantee that you won’t just go back to your comfy chair. If not hiking, workout sessions guaranteed later on.

hiking in nature beautiful hiking scenery and nature photographs

#3 Outstanding photographs of nature

Many nature lovers are photography lovers too. Even though the first ones like to call the other ones “pretenders” that’s not exactly the truth. At least not in the most of those cases. Anyway, as we already said, hiking takes you through the most beautiful parts of our nature. Astonishing and beautiful mountain rivers which are gliding through the green mountain forests are whispering “shoot me, shoot me”. And indeed they do. Artistic photographs of nature are the ones that attract many people, so even if you’re a simple Instagram enthusiast or if you’re a professional photographer, you should have in mind that your best work ever will probably come out of those beautiful shots of river, mountain slopes and wild life you’ll encounter during hiking tour. Give it a try.

#4 Feel alive every time you go back

Nature is beautiful. Nature is scary. Nature is thrilling. And you know what? We are part of that nature too! Don’t ever forget that. Nature gave us birth and fills us with every day fuel and motivation to go on. It gives us energy to get up in the morning, air that we’re breathing every second and new limits to overcome. We could easily say that nature makes us feel alive.

Many said that nature adventure and tours like hiking or trekking pulled them out of depression. It made them understand all the beauties, risks and possibilities that every day life gives us. Seeing the cliff right in front of you while you take a short break and detour from your hiking trail makes you wonder about the limits you’ve set for yourself, and makes you realize how unimportant and unreal those limits actually are.

#5 Push yourself to the limit

Limits that we set for ourselves are unrealistic most of the times. So that someone can realize that, it sometimes takes even a hiking tour, rafting or canyoning adventure to see the real limits of us as humans. But what’s even better, it makes you give your best and push yourself to the physical limits so that you could achieve the real goal you set for yourself.

Sometimes that means going another mile you didn’t even know you could walk, sometimes it means to endure through the steepest climb of them all and sometimes it’s about preserving your mental stability and confidence. Hiking combines them all.

astonishing views during hiking tour

#6 Find out how prepared are you for nature experience

Many people that are confident and have the opinion that they’re capable of everything are usually put to the test during hiking and trekking tours. Don’t fool yourself, hiking tours can be every demanding. At least they are if you make them that way. Hiking routes are optional for different groups of people and that’s why they’re so great. Make your own hiking tour and experience the nature at its best.

#7 Hiking can be a great social and family activity

If modern times are taking toll on your social life too, then you should definitely consider hiking & trekking tours. Going to the nature with your friends or family can be a great decision if you’re longing for an offline hanging out. Talking with your friends or achieving some goals in nature together with your group of people can be very important for establishing connection you want.

If all of these reasons aren’t enough for you, then you should try hiking at least because you owe that to yourself. Believe us it’s worth of your time and strength.