Scouts Outdoor Activities


Come and explore the wilderness of Montenegro and Bosnia with us! Work together on our scout activities outdoor, which will push your survival skills to the limit. Run with us through the mountains like the lost boys from Peter Pan, listen to the sound of wood cracking in the bonfire, get to know a new culture, and embrace a new kind of adventure. Make sure to bring your fleur-de-lis flag with you - it will proudly soar in the wind, waving to all who pass by. Have your neckerchief fly when you join our scout rafting trips and your compass spin on our jeep safari tours - with us, you will earn a badge for overcoming challenging and diverse outdoor experiences!

With a big accent on safety, TaraSport has years and years of experience with organizing events for children and youth, including scout units from Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Britain, Austria, etc. If you are brave enough, allow our team to change your perception of what the word “adventure” is all about. Explore the exciting Balkans with us, and make TaraSport’s campsite a place where you will return!


  1. Which outdoor activities are available for scouts and venturers at our camp?
    Events for scouts and venturers can include one or more activities available in our offer. Our personal recommendation is rafting, jeep safari, zip-lining, rock climbing, mountaineering, horse riding, and mountain biking. Canyoning is also a great option, but only for children above the age of 12. Other activities that are also exciting are survival expeditions in nature, excursions to major cities in the area, to explore local culture and history, backpacking tours, archery, kayaking and we can also organize some fun scout outdoor games to spark the fire of courage and motivation.
  2. How many scouts can come to the camp?
    There is no limit - whether your troop has 2 patrols or 20 patrols, we will be happy to have you as our guests. Make sure to confirm your booking on time, so we can book the accommodation for you. In case the number of guests is larger than the camp’s capacity of 120 available places, the accommodation will be organized in other camps. All camps are near each other, so the scouts can socialize and hang out together in one of the camps from morning and well until the evening hours. Our main idea is to be the most exciting summer camp in Europe and to encompass TaraSport on your map as the place where memories are made!
  3. How long are the TaraSport scouts and venturers tours?
    We can organize a one-day event, a two, three-day event or a one full week event - you are free to pick the activities that you are interested in doing, and we will make sure each day is memorable! With the energy that only children poses, we are sure that if you ask them, they would love to do all the activities listed on our website! The tours last between 3 and 6 hours, and some activities may be combined to be done on the same day, so feel free to contact us - we will make a stellar offer for your youth together!
  4. Pricing of the scout and venturers offers:
    For these types of bookings, we provide a group discount, so feel free to contact us and find out what the price for your group will be. The discount depends on the number of participants.
  5. How to book?
    It is necessary to confirm all the details and make a reservation in advance. Contact us with an initial inquiry and together we will shape your program for the tour. Our office manager will assist you in forming the reservation and give you all the answers to your questions, with additional suggestions on how to make your experience even better. Once you are satisfied with the final look of the program, in order to confirm the reservation, we require a deposit payment via a bank account. We will gladly issue a proforma invoice before your payment. For more details, check our cancellation policy in the FAQ section or contact us in case you have any questions regarding these matters.
  6. Meals - what delicious specialties can be served at the camp’s restaurant?
    All meals are prepared in a traditional Balkan way, using local ingredients and organic products. Balkan cuisine is diverse and rich, a fine blend of meals from all nations living in the area. Freshly made at the camp’s restaurant, taste our warm spring soups with home-grown vegetables, the roasted, grilled and baked specialties and delicious sweets which will melt in your mouth. If requested when making a reservation, the group can be served with a special type of meal, depending on the wishes of guests and the camp’s abilities. People and children who have a special diet (vegan, vegetarian, halal, etc), can’t eat a certain ingredient or are allergic to something that should announce this when making a reservation and we will try to respond to your every request and need.
  7. Entertainment
    There is always a deck of cards and some board games lying around at the camp, so don’t be ashamed to ask for them. Have fun playing monopoly, dominoes or a game of chess, and many others available in our wooden cupboard. In the evening hours, we have the possibility to organize a band to play at the camp’s restaurant. Feel free to let us know what type of music you’d like to listen to, and we will make sure the entertainment will be guaranteed for all guests.
  8. Meeting space
    For having troop briefings, we can provide space at the camp’s restaurant or in case the weather is convenient, we can organize it outside, on the campground. Tables can be set up according to your wishes and if necessary, we will gladly provide certain materials and equipment (projector with a white screen, microphone, speakers and other; there is free Wi-Fi at the camp). At the restaurant, there is a fireplace, which will certainly warm up your enthusiasm and light a fire for perfecting your Scoutcraft skills.
  9. Timetable and schedule
    We are very flexible with making the schedule, and always see to do our best to form the timetable according to our client’s wishes if it is doable. Most tours are between 3 and 6 hours long, so certain activities can be combined with other activities to be done in one day. Whether it will be a more dynamic schedule or a more relaxed schedule - it is up to you. Depending on the activity, the meeting with the guides is usually between 8 and 11 AM, so it is important that the guests have breakfast before the tour starts. After we return from the morning tour, lunch is served. In the afternoon, another activity awaits us, or you have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy at the camp. Dinner is served from 7 PM, or once you return from the second activity.
  10. Scouts outdoor games and sports
    If you want to do something different, we will gladly organize a day or more of fun sports and outdoor games. You can test your skills with rope pulling, archery, relay races, games that you play with your friends on the street or in the park (such as tag, hide and seek, etc) and sports like volleyball, football, dodgeball, and similar. These sports and games will be guided by our activity organizer, who will make sure everyone plays a fair game. Upon request, we can organize any other fun activity to do, so feel free to send us an inquiry. How about a day of paintball?
  11. What to bring?
    Make sure you bring your personal documents (passports), swimwear, sunblock, layered clothes (bring T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, comfortable shoes; some nice clothes for the evening), towels, personal hygiene products, valets and phones. If you are using any medications, do bring them with you, since the nearest pharmacy is 20 km away, and we have a first aid kit, just in case. Also, the nearest store (supermarket) is the same distance. There is free Wi-Fi and electricity at the camp and the camp’s restaurant, so feel free to bring your laptops and tablets with you. Linens and beddings are provided.
  12. Season run
    All activities, except canyoning, are available during the season run period - from April to October. Canyoning season starts in mid June when the water level at the canyon is convenient for crossing. In the off-season, we can organize an Off-season rafting tour down Tara and Drina, and perhaps combine it with a jeep safari tour, horse riding and/or zip lining in the Durmitor mountains. Since these are children groups, we would rather suggest you to visit us during the summertime - anytime between June and September would be ideal, since the weather conditions and temperatures are much better in that period. Excursions to large cities in Bosnia and the Ostrog monastery can be organized all year long, and it is a lovely way to spend the day with your fellow scouts while exploring a new culture. Feel free to contact us for more information about the availability of the activities and for more details - we work during the off-season, as well.
  13. Additional questions
    For any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us:

    Phone: +387 66 321 220