Equipment + Safety Briefing

1. Are your tours / adventures suitable for children?

Yes. Minors can participate in our activities with the presence or consent of their parents. Our Team Leader will give you the final assessment of the abilities of participants.

2. Can I drink alcohol before or during the tour?

No, absolutely not. Alcohol consuming affects your psycho-physical abilities.

3. Should I carry my camera during tours?

During the arrangement you may carry your own cameras. During rafting and canyoning adventures we recommend you to use waterproof cameras or ask your guide for waterproof bag. Tarasport will not be responsible for lost or damaged cameras.

4. What is safety briefing?

Before you start any of our tours, participants will go through safety briefing with highlighting proper and safe usage of equipment, guide importance during the tour, and major risks or danger you might encounter during the activity.

If you have a health problem, medical condition or phobia which can endanger your own wellbeing or can affect your abilities during activity, you need to let your team leader (guide) know all about it before the tour happens. All medication that might need an urgent application (asthma inhaler etc.), you need to carry with yourself. It is important to let your guide know all about these medications.